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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
...You can practice by going back and rereading this thread, noting who said what and in what order, to see if you can determine who started attacking whom. You likely also did not see the first thread started by the Professor alluded to by domosborn where he was an ***** to anyone who questioned the wisdom of using two racquets at once. I am going to predict you either can't or won't do this though, and given your propensity to resort to ad hominem attacks I'll just steel myself for another one of those.

You're damn right I'm not going to go back and waste time on this drivel--I have a life. You blokes may have a history here with the prof but I don't--it's only tennis and not something important and meaningful--like group sex or something. I suggest you guys stop wasting your time too--unless your doing it on someone else's dime--I'm gonna' go look up ad hominem attacks now--I like hominy. Is it like what they do in that Italian village where they throw rotten tomatoes at each other? I gotta' go hit the hot tub now after a tough day on the courts--I am a French model and everything on the internet is true.
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox
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