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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
hoodjem, I forgot to write hat you are casual: First you write Mozart 25 is genial and second you write it's "genial". You just want to blame me and troll me. But you use only nasty words. You have NOT disproved my chronology with that little exception regarding 1791 which does not contradict my thesis that old Haydn was influenced by top Mozart. So be fair!
Most great composers influence each other, just as great tennis players learn from each other.
Mozart certainly learned much from Haydn, just as Hoad learned much from Kramer.
Mozart was profoundly influenced by Bach beginning in 1781 or thereabout, as evidenced by his own compositions, and borrowed a theme from Handel's Messiah (which Mozart orchestrated) for his Requiem.
Nothing wrong with this.
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