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Originally Posted by Devilito View Post
i agree that $40k is actually quite low compared to the amount of stringing and racquet customization that happens on a daily basis when taking into account salary and expenses. Seems like a bargain
I agree. I actually can't see how Federer would get the service he does for $40k a year - the number seems too low in my opinion.

Let's say it's 13 tournaments (4 majors, 8 masters) only... a couple of grant per tournament would make up $40k right there... and there's no way the guys at P1 do this on the cheap - they have flights, excess baggage, hotels, transport, renting a room at tournament venues etc to pay for at every event - plus all the business running costs (rent, insurance etc) which add up quickly.

Even splitting their time amongst 10 high level (of service) players who all pay that amount it would be hard to make a good business out of it for $40k per top client - stringing is very labour intensive and there's only so many restrings you can do. Servicing Federer's frames alone would take up 4+ hours every day he plays during a tournament... Multiply that by only 8 or 9 top male players and you suddenly need 4-5 people to do the work/admin and also cater to lower demand clients. That's more flights, more hotels, more transport, more meals etc.

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