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Originally Posted by powerangle View Post
Djokovic being classless after a win, to the point of being booed (sure back in 2008, but still):

Novak being classless after a loss (sure back in 2006, but still):
I don't think its totally fair to judge someone from what they did that far back in the past. Of course he could've handled the Roddick situation much much better and as for the Rafa comment, he was very young but I think it was important for him to believe he could beat a champion like Rafa because if he had no belief he wouldn't have been able to break through the Fedal monopoly at all. Although his recent behaviour looking at those videos makes it EVEN more impressive. He travelled, matured and actually consciously made an effort to become a better person who deals with these things in a better way. He wasn't one of those people who was just brought up to be very respectful as evidenced by his mothers comments in the past, but he broke away from that and matured into the person he is today. Of course I'm biased but I think he makes it incredibly easy to be a fan of him and defend him, because he's been a brilliant ambassador for the sport. Completely different to Rafa and Federer but special in his own way. However if he were to disrespect any opponents now I would lose a lot of respect for him as a person.
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