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Unhappy Did I just fry my machine?

I have an eagnas combo 6010 (yes I know, not a good brand). Tonight I was stringing a racket and all was well until one time I was pulling a main to tie a knot at 65 pounds, I turned around briefly as the string was tensioning to change the song that was playing and suddenly I hear a "pop!" It scared me thinking I had just broken my racket, but to my relief it was just the string. It was because the stringer started to tension the string, and never stopped! It kept pulling and pulling until the string popped, I am reliefed it was not my racket that gave way first. So, I turn it off thinking the computer system was just crazy and reset it and turn all the tensions back to normal and cut a new half set of string (polylon so it doesnt really hurt my wallet) and pull the first main again, and it just kept pulling and pulling long past 58 pounds until I pressed the button to release the tension head. At this point I am sure something is wrong. So I cut it off AGAIN and try it at its starting tension when you first turn it on, which is a low 9.9 pounds awaiting you to edit it, so I pull it at 9.9 pounds and again it keeps pulling and pulling long past 9.9 pounds, until I once again cut it off. Im not sure what I did, or if I did anything to mess it up. Or if its just cheap wiring that eagnas puts in their machines. Someone please help, this was a thousand dollar machine.
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