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Default 2013 ATP Sudden Death League: Davis Cup

1. You can only pick a country once. If you win....then next round which happens in a month or pick another country. Not the Same one.

2. You can't pick a team that has their match getting started.

3. If you want to change you pick, make a new post quoting the old pick. Edited posts containing picks will not be taken into account.

1 correct pick: 125
2 correct picks: 250
3 correct picks: 375
Winner: 500

Jaychu didn't start a thread....must be busy.

Feburary 1-3 Round 1:

Spain vs Canada (IHC)

Croatia vs Italy (ICLAY)

Serbia vs Belgium (ICLAY)

USA(IHC) vs Brazil

Israel vs France (IHC)

Germany vs Argentina (OCLAY)

Austria vs Kazakhstan (ICLAY)

Switzerland (IHC) vs Czech Republic

I= Indoor, O=Outdoor.....the (...) means which country is representing. Good luck with the pick. If they do pass can make a team pick in advance....if you might forget on April 5th.
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