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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
You're damn right I'm not going to go back and waste time on this drivel--I have a life. You blokes may have a history here with the prof but I don't--it's only tennis and not something important and meaningful--like group sex or something. I suggest you guys stop wasting your time too--unless your doing it on someone else's dime--I'm gonna' go look up ad hominem attacks now--I like hominy. Is it like what they do in that Italian village where they throw rotten tomatoes at each other? I gotta' go hit the hot tub now after a tough day on the courts--I am a French model and everything on the internet is true.

Arguing about this might not be worth your while but learning to develop your non-dominant arm is not a waste of time. You actually generate new neural connections and keep your brain active/fluid by learning to use your non-dominant side. Is cognitive development/brain plasticity really a waste of your valuable time?
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