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Interesting as the one frame they chose to review (X Fast Pro) is probably the one frame by Pacific I don't like.

I currently use the X Force Pro, used the X Feel Pro 95's predecessor, the M-Comp 95, and have hit many times with the X Feel Tour. All three IMO would be a welcome compliment to anyone's collection. But the X Fast Pro? Hmm, not my cup of tea.

However, I will also say that I'm probably one of the few on this board that has never liked the Babolat Pure Drive, and the X Fast Pro was reminiscent of the PD, so if what you say is true:
Originally Posted by Stevo Karlovic
Their spin on the whole thing was to blend Fischer-inspired feel with the modern spin-friendly, rocket-launching types of frame technology
Then maybe they've accomplished what they were going for.
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