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Originally Posted by volleygirl View Post
Donald Driver and Mark Clayton? hahahah you gotta be joking?

He had a bad attitude some seasons but Randy Moss is better than everyone on that list besides Jerry Rice IMO. The only ones you can really put ahead of Randy would be Jerry and maybe Don Hutson.
Moss had the talent of an all-time great. Tall, fast, pioneered/re-invented catching the under-thrown pass. But his attitude, lack of desire and intensity, pouting when the ball wasn't thrown enough at him, lax attitude towards blocking folks, unwillingness to run up the middle... knock him down a few pegs. I'd even call him a huge underachiever. He couldn't win with a peak Culpepper, Cris Carter, a healthy Robert Smith, and that high-powered offense. Not to mention racking up stats on the Patriots, but was mostly M.I.A. in the Super Bowl.
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