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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Loved Rosewall-Stolle.The short guy with the genious brains and the lanky, adaptable, big server and tall Stolle.Great contrast.

The two teams I really would have love to see are Bromwich-Quist and Mc Gregor-Sedgman.

Mervyn Rose and Lewis Hoad were also great with different teammates.
kiki, Yes, Stolle was adaptable: He made a great duo with Hewitt, then with Emerson, then with Laver in 1967 as a pro and at last with Rosewall. Four great doubles.

Rose played with Hartwig and Don Candy, Hoad played of course with Rosewall, also with Hartwig and Trabert.

Interesting: Hoad won the French Pro doubles seven times in a row.

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