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Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
what's life if you can't have a hardy laugh at yourself? if you keep it a secret and it donesn't work it out = lose lose. if you don't keep it a secret and it doesn't work out = win, lose, if you don't keep it a secret and it works out = win win.

it's very american to always win win.. in fact it is anti american to willingly choose lose lose.. be american.. win win.. ask yourself what would the eagle do..

Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
The Eagle would soar above all looking for prey (In Zaps case a chic) andponce all over it (in zaps case he would also pounce all over it).

But thats a pretty serious tony robbins speach there man.
hahahhhahaa. ii have to say i love you guys humor. but yea. if i keep it public and get rejected, i will just be even more embarassed. so yea
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