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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Quoted for truth, this stick isn't for everyone but I really like mine.

Power is effortless. I'm trying the Tour bite Soft 16g in mine tomorrow. The 99s tore right through the 16l tour bite which isn't really a surprise

I'm also surprised people are complaining about arm issues, this thing is like a pillow IMO. Much softer feeling than my Prestige S.
Because one finds a racquet as too powerful means they have bad strokes ? AHH ? I dont disagreee that there are alot of bad strokes that cause loss of control but to genearalize is a litte much.

My contention was that the continous significant loss of tension made control a big issue as the racquet seemed to change continuously. i.e. I strung at 57 and in about 3 days and 3 hours changed to 53, then 49, then 45, then 41-42, and this is with a poly that I have played alot and measured alot and know it keeps tension very well after initial loss. So the issue of control has nothing to do with stroke quality here at least in my analysis but in having to chase a constantly changing stringbed.

BTW I found the racquet to feel VERY COMFORTABLE during play and not harsh at ALL, but the arm post hitting said different. I barely EVER get any arm pain or discomfort, again this can also be the change in vibration not necessarily the racquet, like I said it feels REALLY nice. Just stinks that the bed changes the way it does. I wouldnt mind restringing alot but man the change is a bit much.

To reiterate your saying that it isnt for everyone, that is QUOTED FOR TRUTH, that is the end game here. Personal preference and style appropriate.

I want to see how this racquet spreads to tour players, not that thats the say all, but a good indicator on whether its more toy game improvement than players weapon.
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