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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
Jimmy was playing really well in '82. From memory, he seemed to have a bit more pop on his serve, he was netting his dtl fh less than he had been for the last few years (a constant problem for him over the years - an effective but low margin shot), and he was effectively getting to the net.

Should Mac have won? So hard to say. Mac had come off the boil a bit from 81 when Borg was still around. Lendl had been beating on Mac in 82 and Mac hadn't figured out a way to solve that riddle.

Connors was always going to take a match right to your face. He didn't always win, but I can't remember him ever loosing a match (i.e. giving up, not caring, mentally checking out). You got everything he had to give on that day.

So a Connors in good form, Mac a tad off, Connors taking it to him, Mac maybe mentally not 100% - I can see Connors taking Wimbledon.
I've never seen the whole match, I just remember some comments about it. If McEnroe was slightly injured or a little off his game, I still don't think he would start experimenting(or quit) in a Wimbledon final against Jimmy Connors. That's ridiculous. McEnroe is as competitive as any player that has ever lived and would use his biggest weapons, that would give him the best chance to win. I mean its the freaking Wimbledon final!!!
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