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Originally Posted by Pet View Post
How is play with a wood raquet?
Not bad. The sweet spot is a bit smaller and the racquet has less
power so you have to adjust your swing a little bit.

Originally Posted by treblings View Post
makes a big difference. the right sole gives you much more traction on clay courts.
do you prefer the pro staff or the autograph?
I much prefer the pro staff. Stiffer and better feel to me.
The autograph feels like a wet noodle compared to the PS.

Originally Posted by The Meat View Post
Helps to open your legs up more and when you're running for a shot you have to really shift your weight correctly to get a stable slide.
I'll try this.

Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
beautiful hitting with Wood. I really like to see that. you manage to hit a heavy and modern ball with a Wood racket that is nice to see.

do you always hit with that racket?
Usually use a PS85 or k90, but also trying to switch
to youtek prestige pro (having tough time finding right
amount of weight to add to it and also best poly for it)
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