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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
'punch' is a pretty bad analogy.... because it may mislead people into using the arm muscle in a swinging motion.

fh volley - imagine you have a sheet of glass, and you glue your arm and the racket to the back of the glass, and now you are gonna push this entire unit into a collision with the ball.... in order to do this, you do 2 things -

1) you move your body weight forward by stepping, with the left foot, if you have time.

2) you use your chest muscle to move the hitting unit forward.

try to keep the angle of the glass unchanged (should be slightly open).

bh volley is similar.

there is a part where he talks about 3 types of collisions.... much better picture than a 'punch'.
very good thanks!! my only issue with that guys volley is that he takes it back past his body. Won't that take away a lot of time?
JustaNiceGuy333 (Youtube)

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