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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
"Make sure you hit up on the ball." It's an extremely common piece of advice on the serve, but it's a bit unclear. I always took it to mean brushing up the back of the ball with a closed racket face (perpendicular to the ground).

While learning how to serve a volleyball, I began to wonder if I misinterpreted. To serve a volleyball overhand, you have to, very litterally, hit up. That means the hand would be angled upward on contact.

Considering this, I wondered if players should be "hitting up" in this manner on a tennis serve as well.

I tried it out and had some mixed results. My 1st serve seemed to benefit. It got a little more powerful and went in with pretty good consistency. Topspin serve got less consistent though. I'm not sure where I stand on this issue.

Thoughts on this?
I point the racquet face SLIGHTLY SLIGHTLY upward because the ball stays on the racquet a tiny bit longer, which results in more spin. You also get a slight height boost.

The results aren't very noticable. I guess for me it's more in my head.
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