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Originally Posted by ellipticality_224 View Post
Whats your opinion on those BEATS Headphones? Ive heard the knock offs sound better than the real ones. Theyre more of a fashion statement than a SQ tool. I like my Klipsch Headphones, Ive also got some s3s for the gym. And as for home system, I dont really have much money available to drop on my home system, along with me not having house, dropping lots of money to put into my dorm and or parents basement when Im home isnt too practical.
I have a pair of Beats Solo HD. Yes, they sound good, but $200 good? Hell no. If you're willing to try out dozens and dozens of headphones out there, you'll find a pair that sound just as good but half the prize. The problem is, non-audiophile wouldn't know where to begin their search nor do they know what to look for. They just go by recognition.

Again, I think Beats are solid headphones, but 50% of the cost goes into the image of wearing Beats.
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