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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
Looks like that's a no on that piece of ____ scoreboard @ USC. It still has Georgia Tech vs. Fresno State posted even though USC had a doubleheader today. Sure would be nice if they could get it working by Friday for their match against Texas.
I'm usually more surprised if it's working properly. Sad but it is what it is. OSU had three columns of scores, one for doubles and two for singles. But after the doubles finished they posted the singles scores there and it was impossible to see what happened after the first sets. LOL. Do these people even look at their own scoreboards? Sad state of affairs. In college tennis you are given tidbits of info and it's like solving a mystery to figure out who won. And even if the scoreboard appears to be working, you celebrate a victory only to find out later that the scoreboard was screwed up and you're team actually lost. How many here have experienced that little bit of pleasure?
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