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Originally Posted by ellipticality_224 View Post
I agree, last year, when I was in High School I heard some guy saying to another one of my friends who is an audiophile as well, "Well, if beats are so bad, then why do all the basketball players wear them coming out of the locker rooms for warm ups?"

Well, one they get paid massive amounts of money to wear them for warmups, two, the reason they pay them is for fools like you who spend 250 dollars plus on mid to low quality headphones that my 70 dollars Klipsch earbuds could match or even outdo, and three, I bet they arent even headphones that theyre wearing, theyre just plastic headphone looking head articles.

I have worn beats before, and I thought they had overpowered bass, and even at that the bass wasnt good. They looked to flashy, and they felt flimsy. I have never worn counterfeits, but I have seen on other forums that they sound better than the real ones. Whats the most expensive beats out there? Studios or Dr. Dres? All I know is they run multi hundreds of dollars, and your high quality in ear earbuds could out do them easily. I use my PULSE Headphones that are made for ps3 gameplay, they run 130 bucks and have adjustable bass on them so you can adjust to what your listening to, but I never go over half. And the warranty on my Klipsch in ears? impeccable, 2 years against all defects, but does not cover abuse (of course)

Plainly said, beats are mid range to mid low quality headphones that are better than your skullcandy juggalo stuff, but for the money, not worth it. Spend it on excess tennis shoes and rackets! Things that are necessary!

P.S. Most people I see with beats (usually a younger crowd around my age 17-24 year olds) arent even wearing them on their ears, they just hang them around their necks and dont even have the aux cable plugged into them, clarly indicative of, "Hey, I just wasted money on a fashion fad."
When I said fools, I was not referring to the TT member, to make that clear, the fool is the person in the first sentence
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