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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post
I use the nike speed rope you can find on salemat the tennis warehouse web site.,i have it in my gym bag... All wrapped up, and it works great. Its a fast rope, very well built. Not expensive.

The rope doesnt have "memory" at all.

When i started jumping I could barely do 30 seconds without it getting caught up in my feet. In total I would do just a few miutes.

Now i can jump for 45 minutes, doing several types of bounces.

If it gets caught up in your feet its most likely due to inexperience. But stick with .. Its a great workout
I also like the Nike speed rope.

Jump on a mat.

Use some common sense. If your knees are taking a beating from lots of tennis and running, it is not a great time to be doing a lot of jumping.

Otherwise it is great.
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