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Originally Posted by TCF View Post said you are in a small town with few players so I get you need her to play them. We have the luxury of more practice partners.

Makes no sense for us to pay money, drive to play at 9:30 am, wait for 2nd match, drive home, wait for next day, sit around, wait for next match, play mediocre girl after mediocre girl.....when we can get better work outs 2 minutes away at the center.
TCF, You have a very special and talented 8 yr old. If she doesn't complain about playing tournaments and enjoys collecting plastic trophies, you should let (or even encourage) her play. I would sign her up for another tournament this big pusher is to play to have a rematch. BTW, you may want to search for applicants and check to see if any high ranked 11-12 year olders are to play. Many blue chippers and 5 stars play local tournaments in Florida. You may have to drive a couple of hours... She will get to play quality players, including a few better pushers than the one she played last weekend. Players are stronger surely for higher level tournaments. As many posters suggested, our kid can learn so much more from tournament matches than match plays.
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