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Originally Posted by djokovic2008 View Post
Tennis has evolved his defence is not a patch on nadals murrays or djoker if you don't believe me watch the last point of the 2012 O2 finals where fed smashes djoker out wide and somehow djoker still hits a winner on championship point ridiculous.
True. Now, you not only have to get to almost everything, but also hit it back with some authority. Djokovic's ability to avoid using the slice on the backhand and instead drive it with pace on the full stretch is an example of that kind of freakish defense. Or Nadal's ability to slap forehands at maximum pace while sprinting to his left, like the one to give him championship point at Wimbledon 08 in the fourth set. Although Federer sort of did one of those too in AO12 SF first set.

7 or 8 years ago, you kind of had the feeling that Federer could fly. He seemed to float around the court and always be in control of court positioning. Now his power has declined, so he has forfeited that luxury, and his defense has also suffered. It is still extremely good though compared to the average tour player, since speed is often second in line to anticipation.

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