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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
Maybe you should go back and ready some of your old posts. You have a path, just like the other poster did. Great. Stick to it and talk about your player. Which you did. Good. Just leave out bashing the one who beat her: strokes will dead end, pusher, freak, parents doing the wrong thing, etc. Those are justifications and excuses, no way around it. Just leave it out. That's what you used to say when you had the point of view of not having a player on the court.
Wow absolutley blind or as most call it hypocricy , you are right his girl is running into pushers , so did we , his girl will play injured and win and lose , we did ! but the great part is , he is not using the excuses he is using LOL , way to funny , I am gonna sit back and just laugh . Thanx for pointing it out if I did It would look like sour grapes .

TCF your already using excuses how many tourneys in are you ?
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