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Originally Posted by Dazzler View Post
Hi guys, Watching the Australian Open I noticed that all the pro's especially Murray have done a lot of work on their forearms..I was just wondering if anyone knows any good excercises that i could do for the forearms preferably at home. The only equipment i have is a pull-up bar, resistance band and a medicine ball.
What kind of shape are you in?

The reason I ask is that keying on the forearms is not the place to be starting, or greatest emphasis.

Yeah, Murray has big forearms, but if you want prevention of injury so you can practice your strokes do all the Thrower's Ten exercises:
(You'll notice forearm dumbbell curls, reverse curls and pronation/supination exercises are included in this set, and are great for forearm strength.)

Lots of posts here in the Health and Fitness section on the benefits of working with the Theraband Flexbar to build up the forearm and prevent a recurrence of tennis elbow. The rotational component of the exercise (Tyler Twist) takes the forearm muscles through their full range of motion probably better than any other single exercise.
Thera-Band FlexBar Video Demonstration

A great part about the Flexbar (and maybe a hand gripper as well) is you can take breaks from watching tennis or doing paperwork and work on the forearms pretty painlessly.

But if you want to get overall stronger and faster, your forearms are not the area of greatest emphasis - check out the Tennis Training Section of Health Fitness Advisor for an overal program:

You'll notice weight training gets emphasis like in almost all strengthening programs because it incrementally lets you get stronger step by step as you slowly can lift more weight over time.

What did I notice at the Australian Open?

Djokovic, Murray, Fed and Ferrer all made the semis because they are the best movers in tennis.

Djokovic and Murray made the finals because they have the best combination of insane fitness, movement and strength.

Single most important exercise for Murray's improved serve that let him beat Fed and and get off to that great start before running out of gas - the squat. He is powering his serve and groundstokes with his core and legs - not his forearms.

As for Djokovic, he can bend like crazy, but having a strong core and legs are what allows him to keep his balance and power his strokes - not his forearms.
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