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Originally Posted by doublea06 View Post
The last few times I've played tennis my shoulder has had sharp pain when I serve. It's a sharp pain about where the shoulder and arm reach each other. This does not occur on any other of my shots, besides over head/serves. It also doesn't hurt if I serve with out a tennis ball. It hurts when I make contact with the ball. I use a standard continental serves grip and I just hit flat and top spin serves. Now I don't think it's an over use injury because I've only played 5 times in the last two months. I've just started up again because the season is about to start. I'm 18 with a single handed backhand and an eastern forehand. If you need any other info just ask. What could this be? I've never really had this problem before.
I can't get your videos to run.

But no one has said the following, and yet and it needs to be said.

If you have sharp pain serving - then you should not be serving.

Soreness from inactivity is one thing.

Sharp pain is not so good.

No one here at Talk Tennis can diagnose what is going on in you.

The shoulder is just too complicated for us to guess at.

If it does not get better real fast, you need a proper exam by a shoulder expert who takes care a lot of throwing athletes.

You are only 18, and certainly do not want to risk screwing up your shoulder by pushing to start a new season with a minor injury you can make major.

[I don't want to alarm you, but here is part of a post from another currently running thread:
"Tore the labrum. And was pretty sure I tore the labrum. Weird thing was, I could still play tennis without pain except for serving, had to serve side handed but other than that could play full out ... Basically, try to use a bit more common sense than I did. But I'll tell you what. The last match I played, the one where I felt the shoulder pop? After it popped I KNEW I was done. But it was the second set against a guy I had never beaten. And I REALLY wanted to beat him. So I kept playing, lol. And actually played pretty well. Looking back on it, I'm not sure how the shoulder kept functioning. Must've been adrenaline."

I really hope this all blows over and you are fine. But don't risk it.

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