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Since when did you wear glasses?

you remind me of nishikori with that backhand and whippy forehand but like TheCheese said: errors are made because of footwork.

about your forehand: I don't think double bend or straight arm matters, you hit really good with what you have and looking at the past 2 years of trying to change it but can't really. I would just stick to your forehand and work on improving it. You hit a heavy ball with a c#$% load of topspin to the point its spinning sideways but try to hit every ball closed instead of open. I noticed the errors were from bad footwork>>>open stance. Your footwork got slower as compared to several months ago so work on foot speed.

@ your friend: he's a big guy, hits a really heavy ball even when hes off balance. He has a really nice serve, much more pace than you do but you place the ball better. Kudos to you with the kicker to the backhand most of the time. His forehand is very awkward looking and stiff. He needs flow and wristsnap into the ball

But very very entertaining tennis. Its good to see both you of guys going for your shots and not missing so much. Is mostly the other player forcing the error from the other with a good ball.

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