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Default All Prestige Experts please Help: Are my IG prestige grommets the problem?????

Hey friends,
I have been having a torrid time with my IGPMP.
The problem is this racquet does not have any pop and torsional stability especially when I am trying to hit with spin.It has a small sweetspot and has given me arm problems.
I have tried sonic pro 17 twice in low 50s and it killed my arm.
Tried RIP Control 17 at 52 lbs for comfort(did not use a dampner) and noticed while it brought decent pop(not much,didnt expect either.),hitting with spin would still twist the racquet in my hand. Sweetspot was also nothing special.
But as soon as I put a dampner in the strings the stringed becomes dead and stiff suddenly.I have never notice such stark contrast in playability with use of a dampner in any racquet before.What may be causing it?
The thing is unlikely to be a fake one as I got them from authorized HEAD India dealer.
Could it be because my grommets(ClearCAP) may be defective and are not allowing the strings to slide over one another?
Should I change to black ones?
How do I figure out the problem and rectify it?Is there a way out or should I dump it altogether.
I understand that with players' sticks you get what you put in but in this case I am not even getting 40% and having unwanted elbow issues instead.
I do not want to give up on the racquet as I love the easy swing,ease with which I can hit 1HBH,the way it makes you want to play aggressively and.... oh I forgot.... the money it cost me().
I can feel that there is something missing with the racquet as I have played with a few heavier player's racquets and can notice the difference.
Please help............
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