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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Technique determines the ability to hit a heavy ball. I once say an 8 year old girl will pig tails wolloping the heck out of the ball. She had a fantastic swing but any adult on these boards could beat her at arm wrestling.

Strength and fitness is very important to tennis. It helps you get to the ball, improves your stamina and helps avoid injury. But, Chris Evertt hit a very forcing 2 HBH and she had arms smaller than mine.
Interesting you bring up Chris Evert.

She was number one in tennis due to her incredible consistency in an era when none of the top female tennis players really trained like pro athletes.

That all changed when Martina Navratilova worked to become incredibly fit, and in so doing came to totally dominate Chris,

Ahh ... nothing like a little competition.

Chris finally wised up, and got herself in great shape.

The result - Chris was able to hold her own against Martina, and one of the greatest rivalries in sports moved to a new level.

We saw how last week Murray was able to prevail over Fed due to an obvious increase in strength, with a resultant dominant serve game, instead of being dominated.

At any level, movement and smooth technique take most tennis players the furthest.

But to progress to that next level and beat an opponent just above you on the ladder, being in better shape can be part of the ticket.

That ... and mostly a lot of practice.

And being in great shape can let you tolerate that greater amount of practice without breaking down from an overuse injury.

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