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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
- Agree with all
- I try to avoid the green parts as much as possible. Idiots can really ruin your day if one of them is directly in front of you, and just decides to plop onto the snow without warning.

- Agree with the skiers "intentionally" trying to block you. It's the skiers' "Z" turns that annoy me. I'm a snowboarder. Aside from intermediate carving to control my speed, I tend to beam down the slopes. Then you have skiers doing the "Z" from side to side, and some of them don't look when they make those diagonal turns across the width of the trail. I'm not hating on skiers, but come on man, look where you're turning. You can see a line of snowboarders putting on the brakes because one skier decides to Z turns all the way down the entire trail.
- Snowboarders trying to make mini-moguls and jump off of them, stop it. There are dedicated mogul trails, go on those and do your nonsense. I have been launched by those self-made moguls, and that wasn't fun. NO jumps are fun if you aren't planning on it.

- Skier's Z turns.
- First day/newbie snowboarder leafing down the slope, as long as you don't tailgate one, it's not an issue for me. But when there's a wall of newbies leafing down... Come on man, know your limit.
- Kids/adults doing the Peter Griffin at the landing spot of a jump, GTFO.
- Kids/adults doing the Peter Griffin at the tip of a drop, GTFO of the way because people can't see you unless they too are at the tip of the drop, and about to crash into you!

Double Black
- Agree with all and pretty much the same as Black.
- Don't really spend that much time on Double Blacks.
Ahem, ahem...
Person ahead of you can not be blocking you - it is your responsibillity to take care of them, not other way around. They do not have eyes on the back of their head, neither they are obliged to look behind (although common sense would say so), unless thay are starting from stand still or merging the trail.

In other words, you shold be able to stop or avoid, no mather what happens ahead of you. If you are mostly "beaming" the slope and are bothered by slower users, that simply means that you are riding above your abilities or conditions of slope or traffic.

Also what are you actually doing when "carving to control the speed"? Just curious...
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