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Bashing a tennis ball often leads to muscle imbalances - the bashing muscles that push forward get stronger and stronger with the bashing, while the "stopping muscles" don't.

The resultant "muscle imbalance" means laxity at the shoulder joint - and hence undue stress on non-elastic tendons and ligaments, resulting in sorenss.

You may want to consider keeping the muscles around your shoulder, elbow and wrist in great shape by doing the Thrower's Ten Exercises:

Also problems in technique could have crept into your serve during your period of limited play.

The two most common problems in technique involve a failure to "aim the chest up at the ball" and a failure to have great vertical shoulder-over-shoulder action - "You've got to drop the left shoulder".

These two problems are addressed in the following videos:

Your serve technique doing more harm than good?

Preventing Rotator Cuff Injury
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