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Ehhhh help?!!
Well, I wouldn't try and micromanage your elbow position per se..The cramped look (with your elbow) and swing path is a function of your poor spacing, or lateral position on the ball. Stay more away from the line of the ball in the set up, and you'll start to get that elbow to move up and away from the midline a bit. The swing path will be more inside out, and the swing arc will increase...all good things in your case.

You also have a clear case of arming the ball, as a result of poor sequencing....Look at the stop action photos that Chetah posted of you. Notice the position of your torso at impact in comparison to DJ and Roddick..They are wide open, free wheeling, and have completed a full rotational cycle at this point..You are still relatively closed.. This is a big deal. You need to fix this.

In your case, the corrective measure would be to start the torso rotation, much sooner than you currently are. (thus the sequencing). Watch Roddick,, or DJ, on video, (they have similar grips to you) and notice how EARLY the body starts to rotate forward. In many cases, it begins even as the racquet is being laid down/falls in the backswing. This ensures, the body will "lead" the arm and provide ample time for the torso to complete it's rotational cycle.

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