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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
A follow-up, if I might.

When I face an active male poacher, I like to lob sometimes. Trouble is, I cannot set up for a topspin lob and execute it if I crowd the service line. I need some time. Also, the closer I am to the net, the greater the chance I will knock it long.

If I dropped back to the baseline to receive serve because I was planning to lob, would you notice that I was no longer crowding the net and anticipate the lob?
If you back up near the baseline, it won't matter whether you lob or not. If you're not able to execute a powerful passing shot, I will generally have enough time to reach anything you can put up. That extra 0.2 seconds makes all the difference. If I'm a threat to poach your return, you're better off stepping in and using a flat lob that's easier to disguise and gets past me faster.
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