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Originally Posted by Ess View Post
I play with three IG Prestige Pros (bought at TW) and have not noticed any issues with the grommets. Did you have arm pain before? with which racquets? The Pro doesn't bother my arm (full bed is WCSS or SPPP at 50) and the MP is softer and not likely to cause arm pain especially with the RIP. If you have never had issues with another racquet, there may very well be something to this as the IGPMP is a pretty stable racquet. I don't know if it would be th grommets, but it would be cheap enough to replace them and put you mind at ease.
Many thanx for ur views.
I have never had arm issues(may be few minor ones but not recently).
I have a farely decent technique.
I have been trying to eleminate the variables,that is why I first went with Sonic Pro 17 at 55 and then 51 lbs,but that damaged my arm.
I tried Sonic in other racquet(wilson 310 gms) and noticed that while I was not having as many problems as with the prestige but that string is definitely very stiff and can harm the arm.
So then I come to rip control 17,get decent pop and comfort without dampner but cant understand why the racquet becomes totally dead once I put in a dampner?
While trying to hit with spin(Have a fast wrist action and more conventional forehand grip,not a western grip),I can feel the strings refusing to slide over each other.And since you grip is not very firm when u r hitting with spin,the racquet either twists in your hand or you can not connect properly.
I an attempt to eliminate one more variable I am thinking of changing the grommets,but I doubt that I can get black grommets in India very easily,howsoever cheap they may be.
Is there any chance that I may be right regarding my suspicion about the grommets.
I have also tried 4 gms of lead at 3&9 but did not get much benefit.
I played with Wilson N-coed six-one team(18x20,upweigthed to 315 unstrung)before Prestige and never had problems hitting good groundies or finding the sweetspot.
I need all the help as I really do not want to give up on this racquet.
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