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I must say it's at least interesting, the ball does have a higher trajectory, it's power and easy top spin, the feel is fairly solid for its weight, the control aspect of the frame sufer from the string pattern, but I don't find it much worse than other 16x19. Good power for 1st serves, the kick however, is similar to other frames within its specs range.

I think it's perfect for baseline grinding, awesome for defending aggressively, the aggression will come from the high bounce, not from a huge cut since it can be a rocket launcher. It worked wonderfully for my backhand (which is flatter).

To sum up, I think this stick can be great for 3.0 to 4.5

I break poly each 2 sets in a 18x20, so I would need several of these in order to complete a competitive match, although I didn't use lux 4gs.
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