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I've had arm issues twice in tennis: the first time was when I bought my first "real" frame which was stiff, light, and HH. Had TE so bad I couldn't lift a dinner plate. Did some research and discovered the frame I chose fit the arm-killer profile perfectly. Changed to softer, heavier, HL frames and problem was solved.

Second time was when I recently tried the PS6.1 95". Its Ampli-Feel tech worked as advertised by transmitting more vibrations to my arm...which made my hand stiff and painful. On paper it looked good but the Ampli-Shock really hurt.

I just tried full poly again, a hybrid of 4G mains and Outlast crosses, at 49/47. Today my wrist feels stiff and numb. Will be cutting the poly out later today and won't be trying full poly again. Inferior spin, inferior feel, inferior longevity compared to gut mains. Just not worth it.
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