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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
hahahhhahaa. ii have to say i love you guys humor. but yea. if i keep it public and get rejected, i will just be even more embarassed. so yea
I could have kept the dating a ***** (cant say 1esbo anymore) thing to myslef. But then I would feel worse about it. Instead I talk about it and people bust my chops and it makes feel me feel better.

So If ask this chic she says yes. You can let us know. And we can say stuff like "Good job man, just hide the case of head and shuolders and 5lb of bar-s hotdogs"

And if she rejects you we help ease the pain and say stuff like.

"She found the stash didnt she"

Or we can just call her very degrading names that ryme with *****($kank) and hoe. Actually we will probably just call her a ***** ($kank) and a hoe, and say you deserved better anyway.

And we will say these things even if we dont mean it.

So think about that before you go not telling anyone.
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