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Here are 2 (well thought IMO) posts from Veroniquem on the topic.

Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
I looked into it. Let's kill those silly accusations once and for all.
This is a complete list of Djoko's retirements in his career. Here we go:

2003: Serbia F5
2004: none
2005: RG
2006: RG, Umag
2007: W
2008: DC 1st R, M-C
2009: AO
2010: Belgrade
2011: Cincy, DC Semi
2012: none

Myth #1: Djoko used to be a serial retirer: false: he's never retired more than once or twice a year out of a full schedule.
Myth #2: He used to retire constantly and very suspiciously it all stopped in 2011 when he became a superhuman: false: he retired twice in 2011 like he did in 2006 and 2008.
Myth #3: He retired because he had no stamina (magic egg fixed that in 2011): false: none of his retirements had anything to do with going the distance or stamina. More than half of his retirements (6 out of 11) happened on clay: F5 2003, RG 2005, Umag 2006, RG 2006, M-C 2008, Belgrade 2010. They were allergy related (clay dust causing breathing difficulties). They stopped after 2010 when he discovered that those difficulties were exacerbated by gluten. 1 was caused by extreme heat. (AO). 2 were caused by back problems: W 2007, DC sf 2011. Cincy 2011: shoulder issue, was probably due to overplay after his very long winning stretch. As early as USO 2005 and W 2006, Djoko played 5 setters and played them out without giving up. Djoko has NEVER retired because of tiredness due to length of match.
Myth # 4: Djoko has retired in all grand slams: false: he has never retired at USO.

I'm gonna save this post and that should do it every time somebody tries to bring up that BS nonsense about Djoko the weakling miraculously transformed into indestructible Hercules in 2011. Enough is enough.
Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
No problem. 5 setters Djoko has played in his career:

2005: played 4: 2 W/ 2 L
2006: played 3: 2 W/ 1 L
2007: played 3: 3 W/ 0 L
2008: played 1: 1 W/ 0 L
2009: none played
2010: played 6: 4 W/ 2 L
2011: played 1: 1 W/ 0 L
2012: played 5: 4 W/ 1 L

Fact #1: Djokovic has played 5 set matches on the tour since the age of 18.
Fact #2: He has always won more than he has lost except his first year (2005) when it's a tie. (The 1st 2 players he beat in a 5 setter were Garcia-Lopez and Monfils)
Conclusion: Djoko has always been a good 5 set player, before and after 2011.
Zagor: thanks! Maybe you can bookmark this one too!
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