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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Good alternatives to Hex, that I feel all have better feel, control, and spin are:

Volkl Cyclone
Signum Hextreme Pure
Yonex Poly Tour Spin
Thanks. I'll buy a few sets of each and give them a whirl.

I typically hybrid the MSV Hex with good results. Of all the cross strings I've tried, plain and cheap Goshen OG Micro 17 Natural feels the best to me.

Do you hybrid -- and, if so, what sort of cross strings do you use?

FWIW, I tried Forten Sweet as a cross and loved it so long as it was the natural color. When I bought a reel of the white Forten Sweet, it felt more stiff and less forgiving. Thinking I was crazy, I bought a few more individual packs of Sweet in the natural color and the good aspects returned.... Go figure...
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