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Still need to log much more time on mine to get a more informed idea. Also must say from the off that today's windy weather didn't help matters. Anyhow, just a few random thoughts...

Huge spin with big laserbeam oomph on groundstrokes - but not uncontrollable... surprisingly handy all court-wise, very nice on short spinny game, droppers, point and shoot volleying (I'm not an all court player but I must say I found it rather effective in this dept)... swings very sweetly (no log here)... saying that, I need to acclimatize re balance/weighting on serve (too much finding the net), though I suspect it's a great serve frame, especially if you can utilize the spin, ... definitely good build and solidness (if not outstanding)... crisp/a bit of give/stiff feel but not PD stiff.

BTW, found 4G (16 gauge, strung @ 53 lbs) a tad stiffer than I prefer. Played with very good control/power/spin combination none-the-less.

Look forward to next match when hopefully windy weather will have passed.
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