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My 7 year old son has been playing tennis since he could walk. I thought i did everything right with him and his tennis development. I made ALOT of mistakes with my daughter and learned from those mistakes. About a month ago basketball season started and i signed him up because he wants to play EVERY sport. I did not realize that he would go basketball crazy and ONLY wanna practice basketball everyday. Everyday i get home from work and ask him do you wanna go play tennis and he says no daddy i wanna go play basketball. He was really getting good at tennis and i was gonna put him some level4 and 5 12 and under tournaments this summer. I just dont know what to do?? I am not gonna force him to do anything it just kills me that basketball has taken over his love for tennis. He said he was gonna start back tennis after basketball season but thats a month away. Anybody experienced anything like this with their child???
My son started roller skating at 4.5 yrs and by 7 yrs he was ready to jump into competitions and went into his first one and did well. Unfortunately just a few months before that we had changed his coach who was way too aggressive and my son lost total interest and left the sport. A few days later he saw some kids learning tennis in an academy nearby and forced me to put him there. 2 yrs have passed since and he is now doing good in tennis and played his first recreational tournament last week and ended up runners-up in under 10 and played well in under 12 as well winning a few matches. He still roller skates once in a while for fun and still is the fastest in his friend group. He plays soccer and cricket as well and depending on whats hot on TV, develops a special love for that game for those few weeks . I guess at 9 yrs its the way it is and I am more than happy for his love for sports and if he tells me today that he wants to leave tennis and go for soccer or cricket (and not video games) I would be as happy
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