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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
Thanks for all you suggestions guys. The NXG is my main racquet and I alternate stringing the 2 I have left once per month (with kevlar playability actually improves over time until it breaks, IMO). I'm dreading the next stringing session less now.
I'm glad you bumped this thread. I had an idea last night about using something similar to Chinese handcuffs for this. Braided nylon cord seems like it will work. Before you insert the main in 8H put in about 8" of small nylon cord from the inside of the frame. When putting the main string in the hole be careful not to wrap it around the cord then tension the 7th and 8th mains as normal. When you are ready to put the tail in 8H, place it in the hollow nylons cord at least 1" and push it up as far in the grommet as you can while pulling the cord in. Pull the nylon cord from the inside and the string comes with it as it is wrapped with the handcuff cord.

EDIT: That's if you don't have a pathfinder awl or starting clamp.
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