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Originally Posted by okaythen View Post
my slazenger pro-braided racquet's tension recommendation is 55 to 60.......the stringer said if the string isn't nylon then you can string it higher or lower than that true? if it is true then how much higher/lower can you string it? my string is yonex poly tour spin, thanks for your help
Most of the stress that is put on your racket is done while stringing. Whether you pull with nylon, gut, poly, or Kevlar does not matter. You can string your racket as tight as you dare to string it. If and when it breaks you will have your limit.

Like Dirty Harry said, "Do you fell lucky?" If not i would follow the manufacturer's recommendation. 10% higher would be fine. If you are going to go much higher follow Elmer Fudd's advice, "Be very very careful."

EDIT: I used to play with the St Vincent ProStaff and the recommendation was 65 +/- 5 lbs. I strung it as high as 84 lbs. Today the recommendation is much lower. When mid-size and over-size rackets first come out people wanted a feel similar to the older wood rackets so the manufacturers recommended higher tensions. Then everyone's arm started to hurt so the tensions came down. I don't think higher tensions is really that bad for the racket but it does put more stress on the racket and you when you go higher, especially if you are a big hitter.
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