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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
My only question to you is: Are you 100% certain that your '52' is truly '52'?

I ask because for years (20+) I thought I was stringing at 'X' lbs on various dropweight machines. Then this fall I splurged on a Wise tension head and quickly discovered that my 'X' was actually 'X - 4'.

Now, I realize I'm taking the Wise as 100% accurate, which it probably isn't, but it is likely closer to reality than my older dropweights.

So, again, are you 100% certain that, when everything is all said & done, your racquet is strung at 52?
Good point. I have a drop-weight machine and occasionally put a little digital pull scale on it -- and the tensions are always within a few ounces of what I have dialed in.

Even with all of that said, I've been coveting a Wise head for about 6 months.

Yet, if anything, I've suspected I somehow achieved more than my target tension with the drop-weight method.
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