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Rudy Giuliani @ Grand Havana Room Cigar Club (666 5th Ave)
Al Sharpton @ Grand Havana Room Cigar Club (666 5th Ave)
No, they were not on there on the same day and I didn't go up to say "hi" as it wouldn't be appropriate in that sort of venue.

Egomaniacs Jay-Z and Beyonce at a movie theater in tribeca with a kid a couple years ago. Accompanied by security.

Met Jaba Chamberlain at a bar on the upper west side. Dude is cool as hell, even had a drink with us.

Taye Diggs at union square he was in a hurry but, still took a picture with my friend who was visiting.

Dr J was in the office because he was a director of one of the companies we were doing a deal with.

Akon backstage at a concert.

ChaChi from iamme.

James Starks from the packers.
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