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Originally Posted by Stevo Karlovic View Post
I'm not fool enough to buy into only "specs." Obvi, these specs are reminiscent of slews of other frames out there, but the feel blended with such immense power on the XFast Pro is like nothing I've ever dabbled with. I mean, I'm hitting the best drop shots of my life with this when needed - but also serving harder than I ever dreamed possible for myself. Just sayin'...
Have you modified the X Fast Pro at all? I demoed it a year ago and thought it was ok. Did not wow me in any aspect. I did notice a unique feel to it. Crisp feeling, not harsh. IMO it wasn't as powerful as others with similar specs. I did think it had better control. I read someone praising the the X Feel Tour. Which seems like almost the same racquet except the stiffness is lower. Have you tried that one?
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