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Smile Power cage

Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
Freeweight Barbell in cage or smith machine?
All the way down to chest? Btw, some people
say going down to chest is bad for your shoulders.
Do you agree?
I have not went all the way down since 1992 since that was when I wrecked my right shoulder in hockey. I am in a power cage with a 45lb bar. I don't like the style of hooks since they are deep and have a funny bend so it's hard to rack and unrack the weight without killing myself.

Instead I set the slide bars at the bottom of the movement as my starting point. I set my grip so when I am in the bottom positon I have a 90 from my forearm to my upperarm and a 90 from my elbow to my midline. So true never go past parallel to the floor.

Good way to check the right depth grab a bar and lay on the floor and go as deep until your tricep touches the floor. If u watch powerlifters they have a huge chest short arms and never break parallel. Some only have the bar move 5-6 inches of rom.
305 for 15 REPS, 470 one rep max BENCH PRESS
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