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Default Stringing crosses - 2 clamps or 1?

This is dumb question, but do you guys use 1 or 2 clamps while stringing crosses?

I ask because a single clamp will very slightly move when I clamp-off and remove tension. If I then pull the next cross and clamp off with Clamp #2 with Clamp #1 also still clamped-down, wouldn't I effectively be locking in the slight movement of Clamp #1 -- and therefore locking in a slightly lower tension than desired?

Instead, I've been pulling Cross 1, clamping with Clamp 1. Then I pull Cross 2, RELEASE Clamp 1 (there's nothing but the tension arm holding the string at this point), then clamp Cross 2 with Clamp 2, etc..... I then add 5-10% on the last pull to account for the tie-off knot.

Yet in a quick survey of YouTube videos I didn't see anyone with the "single clamp cross" method I described.... And thought I should ask if I've been doing things wrong for years.

Thanks in advance.
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