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Originally Posted by tennis_pr0 View Post
You use a single clamp for mains right? It is the same idea for crosses. You certainly can use two clamps, but I don't think there is an advantage of using two clamps over one clamp.
Yep - 1 clamp on each side of for the mains, 2 clamps simultaneously.

Just asking mainly due to seeing video after video on YouTube of 2 clamps being used simultaneously on crosses all the way to the end. Seems like such a method inherently locks in lower than a desired target tension on crosses. A 1/8th inch of flex X 19-20 crosses is over 2" less string pulled than desired...

I nearly always do a 2 piece job. On crosses, I just use a bulky starting knot -- then start down the frame one cross at a time, only clamping one cross at a time, until then end, then adding a few pounds and tying off...

Thank for the responses.
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