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Amazing all the attention Moss can still garner with another outlandish statement...he is not why the Niners are playing for their sixth SB title in as many attempts. The real story of this team is two-fold:

1. Harbaugh inheriting a nucleus of talent and having the sense to not mess with the defensive hub of the team. Their defense will keep them in damn near every contest they face week in and week out.

2. Harbaugh inheriting a sputtering offense with a wealth of talent but lesser results. He got them all on the same page and they played "not to lose" for a year and a half. When Smith exited with the concussion, Harbaugh rolled the dice with Kaepernick and it's come up boxcars! That extra dash of speed makes a fairly vanilla offense very potent and something the Ravens may very well not have enough answers for. Moss or not, the Kaepernicker's win this one, thanks to his wheels and moxie!
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