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Originally Posted by GRANITECHIEF View Post
There are several teenage college prospects that have started playing futures and have ATP ranking points. Seems like that experience would carry more weight than junior results.

Say you are a college coach looking at the TRN lists and there are 20 blue chips above your blue chip. Dig a little deeper and you see that the 20th ranked kid has been getting wins over guys on the lower end of the atp list, whereas the higher kids on the list have tried and not yet had that level of success.

Wouldn't that tend to swing the needle a bit?

Just as the needle might be swung by talking to the kid's coach to see about character, and talking to the teachers, the doctors, and seeing what the parents are all about.

But in a head-to-head ranking system, all the competitors need to be in the database, or the match just doesn't count.............I think. Unless TRN turns into an international pro-am ranking service, I don't see how you include matches against players who don't have "connectivity" to the pre-defined connected universe of tournaments.

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